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tv   New Day  CNN  May 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in the east. we have breaking news into the deadly terror attack tat concert in manchester england. three arrests were made overnight. the terrorist was known to security forces. >> back here at home big news as well. stunning revelations into the russia investigation. john brennan testifying he was aware of interactions between russian operatives and the campaign and that those deserves investigation. all the angles covered, including president trump face to face with the pontiff. >> let's start with klarissa ward live in manchester. klarissa? >> reporter: good morning, chris. it is quite a crowded scene at a vigil that has sprung up. people are filing through, remembers the dead as the investigation into the suicide bomber at this potential network continues. we know that four people
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altogether have been aresd. bun yesterday. throw today. raids appear to be ongoing as security services really tried to determine here whether or not he acted alone and who might still be out there. take a look. new details e lerjs about suspected manchester bomber. british officials telling reporters it seems likely that he did not act alone and that he was known to intelligence services. >> i'm sure we will find out what level they knew about him. >> the 22-year-old born in britain had recently returned to the uk from libya according to british officials. he is a business student at the university but had stopped attending classes. a family friend described him as a lonely child, noticing he
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began to become more devote. this coming coming as england remains on high alert, raising its threat level to critical for the first time in a decade. >> their assessment is not only that a further attack may be imminent. >> experts noting that the sophistication of the bomb and its target could indicate influence from a larger terror cell. isis taking response nlt, but so far british authorities have no evidence supporting that claim. >> you cannot defeat us because love in the end is always stronger than hate. >> a moment of silence in manchester. a city gleef stricken but resilient, causing to remember those lost. her teacher suz he was simply a beautiful girl, loved by earn.
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a super fan who met ariana grande in 2015, tweeting how excited she was to see the pop singer the night before. john atkinson was a college student who loved to dance. his local dance studio calling him an amazingly happy gentle person and a real pleasure to teach. and this 15-year-old also lost in the attack. >> she was waiting for ariana grande to come on and he was so happy and she thanked me and said she loved me, and that was the last i heard from her. >> her mother making an emotional plea to cnn for help finding her daughter before confirming hours later he was killed, posting this touching memorial on line. >> if yesterday was a day of shock, today really feels like a
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day of grief. you can see the people behind me. they're hee and paying their respects as all these terribly sad stories emerge of loved one lost. i just want to add we are hearing about some injuries. 64 victims are now being treated in eight different hospitals. 20 of those are in critical care. >> have to stay on it. the concern tends to flag in these situations. but people likely fighting for their lives. thank you. >> so back here at home, there was some really impressive testimony by the former cia chief. he said that intel reveals brazen interference by russian in the u.s. election. remember, that's the main consideration. what did they do? how can we stop it the next time. also, john brennan says he had intel indicating russian contacts with the members of the trump campaign and those
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contacts warrant investigation. joe johns live in our washington bureau with more. >> reporter: a 30,0000 foot view here is in the most detailed public description of events leading to the russia investigation, the man in charge of the cia last year said there was intelligence of contact between the trump campaign and the russians, but john brennan also said he had no knowledge of whether those individuals were cooperating with the russians. >> i encounters and am aware of information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. >> the former head of the cia, john brennan, testifying for the first time he saw concerning evidence of russian operatives attempting to recruit trump aids during the campaign. >> it raised questions in my mind again whether or not the
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russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals. >> brandon saying he did not see proof of collusion before leaving the office. >> these are contacts that might have been totally innocent and benign. >> while stressing there was enough evidence for an investigation. >> i know what the russians try to do. they try to get individuals, including u.s. persons, to act on their behalf. individual who is go along that path do not even realize they're along that path until it gets to be too late. >> the white house seizing on brennan's statements saying, despite a year of investigation, there is still no evidence of russia/trump campaign collusion. meanwhile the senate intelligence committee issuing two new subpoenas to businesses owned by michael flynn. after flynn pled the fifth, refusing to comply with a previous request to turn over all documents related to the
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russia investigation. >> well, we disagree with general flynn's lawyers and interpretation of taking the fifth, it is even more clear that a business does not have a right to make a bid. >> holding open the possibility of holding flynn in contempt of congress if he continues to ignore their requests. >> if in fact there is not a pons we'll sake additional counsel advice on how to provide forward. at the end of that option is a contempt chargened i have said everything is on the table. >> the white house gearing up for a long time after dising the probe. the president hiring his long-time attorney to represent him on matters relating to the investigation. meanwhile, the search for a replacement for the fired fbi director james comey may be back to square one. the president said last week he was close to naming someone but now we're told they are expanding the pool of applica s
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applicants. >> okay. let's bring in our panel. we have john and david and phil mud. john, let me start with you. you heard the white house responding to john brennan there. see, no evidence of collusion. that was their take-away. what was yours? >> of course that's a totally predictable spin. people have been looking into this for a full year. the fact is they have been in office just over four months and every day it seems new information comes out that and testimony was very concerning, that even in the mid-campaign, while it appears they were saying there was no contact between their campaign and the russians, there was kakt herbal midsummer between the russians and the trump campaign that was elevated enough to the highest hefls in our country. that is serious. >> phil mud, from the intel perspective, having had a seat
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at the table, is brennan saying i don't know if there is any proof the same as saying there is no proof, and what is your response to the idea of everything has been leaking. this would have leaked by now. it has been long enough. there should be proof. this is a hoax. >> look, i don't think everything has been thinking. we think we're seeing 5%. my guess is 10%. we haven't seen interviews. we don't know about financial records. on your earlier question of former director brennan said, there is a huge difference between saying i haven't seen evidence and there is no evidence. if you are looking at this case, let's look at the most substantial elements, interviews with the parties, reviews of their phone and e-mail records. in those interviews are they contra ticketing each other? has anybody flipped? you name one of those elements i just spoke about that a cia director would see. he sees none of that piece of investigation so he can't know
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there was there is collusion. what he sees is what the russians will say. >> david, your thoughts? >> i want to look at another aspect of it. that is that i think what's so problematic is that the administration led by the president's view on this is that it's a hoax, that it's a fake news, that it's a way to delegitimize im. it is his security and ego leading him to make a judgment about this, instead of protecting the institution of the presidency, protecting our electoral system. the russians tried to interfere. we don't know what the the extent was, but they tried to interfere. this was an attack on our election and our election system. and you had in it a campaign and candidate so cavalier about that possibility that indeed they before vul inner because of ignorance things they were saying when trump said the russians should hack hillary clinton's e-mails, which of
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course they did with the dnc and not believing in fact they could be compromised. i thought that's what brennan was getting at. sometimes you go down a path and don't realize you are on it. when you have a president with extensive business dealings throughout the world and with conflicts of interest, you are vulnerable to the potential for being compromised and the fact they don't allow for that or don't want to get to the bottom of it -- >> let's play some of the sound. they'll they they interfered or were successful. >> frequently individuals who go along a treasonous path do not realize they're along that path until it gets to be a bit too late. that's why my radar goes up when i see certain things that i know what the russians are trying to do and i don't know whether the targets of their areas are as
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mindful of the russian intentions as they need to be. >> another term for that is useful idiot. you have a canny foreign power that had contact with a campaign and now an administration that it may find it easy to spin or move into their spear of influence. don't forget the larger context. ultimately what putin and russia's aim is is to undermine faith in our institutions, to undermine the credibility of democracy itself as a governing alliance globally and in the use. that's what we're trying to defend. when the white house activity tries to undermine the credibility of that investigation, it is undermining credibility in our institutions. >> what better proof of their success, the president of the united states if the work times reporting is true says to russian leaders, boy, that fbi director, he was a nutjob. i'm happy i got read of them. takes the pressure off him.
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>> straight from the horse's mouth. you don't get that kind of confirmation outside of the nixon tapes. except this happening in realtime over and over again. you can't pretend that was an old news cycle. that there keeps being logs added to this fire and this is not going to go out on its own folks. >> phil, there was a moment when john brennan seemed to agree with the trump administration in terms of what was really pernicious in all this, the leaks. he said it is dangerous that people are leaking from the oval office or the administration and it is affecting national security. as journalists, we don't think the leaks are as dangerous as the actual contend and information. we rely on leaks. that's how watergate was busted open. but to hear john brennan say the
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leaks have to stop. >> what's he supposed to say? if you have to rank issues here, russian interference in an election and a white house inability to acknowledge that going into 2020 election compared to the leaks. the leaks are about grade c compared to interference in the election. in the past 12 hours, the british have come out and chattized the americans were leaking about the manchester investigation. i think that's a more significant leak than what you have seen on russia. >> david? >> that is significant. the leaks are a problem. they're always a problem and no administration is going to like it. but the leaks are being used in a way by the administration to distract from the core issue, which is how vigilant is this administration going to be to get to the bottom of it. the problem for them is they hung all their credibility on rod rosenstein who has concluded
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there is enough there and in the public interest to warrant an investigation. so the president has to find a way to rather than shut this investigation down to accept all the ramifications of it now that it's underway. >> the leaks are driven by people that are deeply concerned about what they see as unethical behavior in the admin sthraistr. that's the standard, not whether the information is embarrassing to a position the white house has taken. journalism is not the problem here. journalism is the solution to the problem that we're dealing with as a country. >> people were saying all along you keep bashing the intel committee, you keep bashing the fbi, they are not going to forget. they will protect themselves. one of the ways they do that is leaking. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. >> critics taking on white house counsel over the russia probe and the firing of michael flynn.
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commissioner. she says mcbegan was a chaos agent. what do you mean by that? >> hi. thanks for having me. at the fec, he came in and was the guy that tried to break all the china. he threw out all the norms of the way the agency had functioned in the past to try to come up with compromises so we could in an agency that is inherently divided between the parties, no more than three out of the six commissioner eers c of any one party. that was not his game plan. he came in and tried to obstruct investigations, obstruct enforcement of the rules and made it very difficult to enforce the laws that are supposed to protect against conflict of interest and make sure the american public is informed about conflicts of interest that arise. >> so none of that bodes well
5:21 am
for what he may be doing at the white house. you are looking at it through your lens. you worked with him from 2008 to '13. you are describing the way he was at the fec. you say now that he should be putting out fires, not starting them. what do you mean? what fires is he starting at the white house? >> of course i have to be clear about this. i have no idea what advice he is giving the president behind closed doors and hopefully it is good advice. but what my perspective comes from seeing the way he viewed conflicts of interest at the fec, which is an anticorruption agency and he seemed to find pleasure in finding ways around the rules. once he got there, he led the group of republican officials where investigations plummeted and many team thought enforcement wasn't going to happen and they didn't have to worry about the agency as an
5:22 am
enforcement agency. so when i hear the president say that he's not covered by any conflict of interest rules, i think, well, that's just vin tang mcgahn. it sounds like the way he interpreted the law at the fec where he specialized at ways to avoid investigations. >> if you are going to be a government agent or work in the government, why would you avoid enforcing the law? >> well, i think it came out of his libertarian philosophy that he didn't like the campaign finance laws and didn't think people ought to have to comply with them. when complaints were raised at the fec, it is our job as commissioners to try and figure out whether the complaints are well founded and to investigate and find out the facts. in case after case he would vote against investigation and also try and block any kind of rule making.
5:23 am
after this started for citizens united. after citizens united there were attempts by me and my colleagues to make sure the new flood of money in politics was adequately disclosed to the public. that he were making sure foreign money was not seeking into our election and he blocked any efforts to move forward with that. let's look at the real-life application of what you are describing. let's look at some of the scandals or at least missteps, misfires that don mcgahn has been involved in since the president took office. he was behind the travel ban. the travel ban has not gone well. judges do not like how the travel ban was phrased. sal sally yates says she went to don to tell him about michael flynn's checkered past and it still took -- don mcgahn said what does it matter if one person in the white house lies to another person? what does it matter if michael flynn lied to the vice
5:24 am
president? what does that have to do with the doj? it goes on. the trump/russia investigation continues to grow. kellyanne conway, as you recall, urged people to buy ivanka's stuff. that was an ethics violation many people said. jared kushner's sister continues to pitch to chinese investors. so all of these things are things that the white house counsel in years past would be attempting to stop. but not don mcgahn. >> well, as i said, i don't know what he's advising the president. but one would hope that the white house counsel would serve the role of being the president's conscious. of being the better angel on his shoulder and advising the president and everyone in the white house to uphold the highest ethical standards, the highest moral standards because public service is a public trust. it is not an exercise in trying
5:25 am
to find holoo law school -- loo. >> you also want the fec to investigate these reports that russia paid some of its agents for these facebook ads to spread damaging disinformation during the 2016 campaign. tell us more. >> well, i can't comment on any enforcement or investigatory matters that might either be currently or in the future come before the fec. i had spoken about whether those facebook ads would be subject to fec regulation, and they would be because we do have jurisdiction over any advertised money spent on advertising, whether it is on the internet or in other forums. i have spoken out on many occasions about my concern about the potential for foreign money creeping into our system and have tried on numerous occasions to introduce stronger rules to
5:26 am
the fec to try and ward that off. and it's been extremely frustrating that even in the current environment, with everything we need in the newspapers about potential foreign influence on our election that i cannot seem to move that at the fec because of objections from republican commissioners. this started back when don mcgahn was on the commission and has continued to this day. >> we appreciate your candor this morning. thank you for sharing your perspective on this. >> so a main question that's developing with all this russia intrigue is why does the president do and say what he does. for example, the accusation that he put pressure on three top officials to somehow alter or change the investigation, the allegation that he called the former fbi director a nutjob to the russians and said the pressure is now off from the
5:27 am
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all right. here is the great debate of the morning. all the things that president trump has reportedly done and said to influence the russian investigation, is it part of a plan, or are these acts of desperation? let's debate. joining us now jennifer saki and matt schlapp. i give you the first bite at the apple, matt. what the president has been doing and saying is good and justified because? >> well, i mean, i think there has been some bungling over in the west wing on how they handled this basic question of their interaction with russia. at the end, chris, i heard you say throughout the hour there are two things that i'm focussed on is i'd like to hear just one little piece, a shred of proof that there was kind of inappropriate collusion, of
5:32 am
which we have heard zero. and every one of these people that testifies when they answer this question, they answer saying there is no evidence of collusion and, you know, i think the second piece of this is the underlying charges. somehow this trump presidential campaign, which one was of the most unor dox we've seen, that somehow the russians needed the trump campaigns to figure out how to hack us and who to hack. that premise is pretty absurd. i think vladimir putin has been trying to hack into our society for a long time. i don't think they needed the trump campaign's help for any of that. so even the premise is silly. >> jen, i want your response, but i have heard nobody in any position of authority say i have looked at everything. there is no proof of collusion. no one. i have heard them say i don't know. i have heard brennan say that. i've heard clapper say that because they were intel guys.
5:33 am
i have never heard comey give any position on it because the investigation isn't over. >> i agree with that. i agree with that. >> that's not what you're saying. that's never the spin out of the white house. >> but you are innocent in this country until people have proof. what you're saying is so far we don't have any proof. >> that's true. but it is an ongoing investigation. >> absolutely. >> so your response? >> i think members of the intelligence community, many of whom i have worked with for years are me tick you louse and thorough. we heard from brennan yesterday was really an alarming concern and it worked through the natural process. this is ongoing. it is going to take months. the fbi investigation will take months. but we've already learned a lot that we didn't know in the fall that has created more alarm bells, which at one point said there were no contacts. we know that's not true. at one point he said there was no financial ties. we know that's not true.
5:34 am
the senate intelligence committee has requested information. so there is a lot of threats that have unravelled here. it is right we have to see where this goes, but the more time passes, the more relearn, the more concerned people get and the more it requires focus of the american public, members of congress and certainly the fbi in this investigation. >> michael hayden says this likely ends up in a position where people did things that were wrong but not illegal. not to a point where they could be guilty of anything. we'll have to see. let me ask you one question in terms of this being about the president. he says according to the no"the york times", that comey, he's a nutjob. i have fired him and now that pressure is off me from that russian investigation. if russian obama had ever said that, matt would run down the street. how do you justify that behavior from the president of the united states?
5:35 am
>> i think obama did take some heat when his exchange was overheard and we all got to hear that he would have more flexibility after the election and we all understood. >> do you think it is up to james comey, the head of the fbi. he's a nutjob, matt. that comey is a nutjob forget about obama. forget about him. he's gone. >> let me answer. >> what did trump mean and can you back, do you support him saying that to comey. >> maybe you didn't see the article i wrote about jim comey. i think it was perfectly for him to fire jim comey. i had alberto gonzalez on our radio show and he said it was a perfectly reasonable thing to have done. a lot of people felt like jim comey lurched around in a
5:36 am
political fashion during the campaign. >> you are not addressing the question. >> yes, i am. don't you think that is inappropriate. >> he said the pressure is off of them. how do you feel about that? >> strong move. >> what i think is this, that there are conversations that happen in diplomatic setting. president obama was overheard. i to this day don't know what he said when he said i will have flexibility. i think what president trump was trying to do is tell the russians that there is nothing to this collusion. i think they all know there is nothing to this collusion. >> you think he needed to tell the russians there is nothing to collusion? you think they don't know exactly what happened and why they would be the perpetrators. >> that's why they're having an honest conversation about how silly it is. >> good to know you think the president and the russians are on the same page. >> do you think the russians needed help to do any of the
5:37 am
hacking? do you think they needed any help? >> i don't know what happened and i will wait for the outcome of the investigation. >> so i will. >> no, you're not. you're trying to spin it. >> chris, i come on your show and i try to answer your questions and you ask me a tough question and i'm trying to give you an answer. >> you answered it by saying but obama, dot, dot, dot. >> it's true. >> but it wasn't. >> you can't just -- you can't just say how does a president -- how does a president in a diplomatic situation, why does he say words that seem strange? what i'm saying is why did obama and other presidents do similar things? >> it is not a response to the question. one of your kids comes up and you are accusing them of spilling something and they tell you about what one of their siblings did the day before. democrats overplaying their hand on this, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.
5:38 am
we don't know there is any real obstruction. overplaying the hand, exaggerating the potential outcome, is that as much a mistake of what brother schlapp is doing? >> no. but i think there is a risk here. impeachment is hard. we've seen moves. >> high crime or misdemeanor. >> there is a lot we don't know here. but again there are pieces that continue to unravel. i thought one of the most interesting developments this week was what warner had to say yesterday when they didn't rule out contempt. they said they were going to move forward with subpoenas. if anybody thought that committee was going to ride into the sunset, they're wrong. >> but legally, the giants to plead the fifth and you are going to hold him in contempt? you can't do that. >> i see there is a value in being able to plead the fifth. flynn criticized clinton officials for pleading the fifth, so there is irony there.
5:39 am
what we saw was a commitment to getting to the bottom of the facts. there are a number of democrats being responsible, a number of republicans being responsible. >> and there are those who are not and that's why we need good leaders. brother schlapp, always good to have you on the show. thank you for making a robust case. >> i don't think if he thought it was good. meanwhile, president trump face to face with pope francis. they clashed on the campaign trail about some issues. so how did this first meeting go? hey dad, come meet the new guy. the new guy? what new guy? i hired some help. he really knows his wine. this is the new guy? hello, my name is watson.
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severe storms threatening the southeast toe day. on tuesday the system had several smaller tornadoes leaving destruction in many areas. so let's get the forecast. what are you seeing today? >> i think we could see more tornadoes today as well.
5:44 am
a rough day across parts of the southeast. this weather brought to you by xyzal. now, we will see the potential for tornadoes today across parts of florida, all the way through the carolinas. right now the first watch box of the day all the way across northern florida could have put down a tornado close to st. augustine. the storm runs all the way from chicago to south florida. but the severe weather is carolinas down to south beach. move the radar ahead to 5:00. there are shower storms from chicago to toe lee doe into oermd. a bumpy day to be flying around the country today, especially the east coast. make sure you keep your seat belt on because there will be unexpected bumps. flash flooding possibilities as well. >> chad, good tip. we'll be checking with you
5:45 am
throughout the day. president trump now on his way to brus seselbrussels. pope francis, vatican officials only saying the men discussed promoting peace. afterward, trump tweeted, it was an honor of a lifetime to meet the pontiff. >> well, what did we really learn from cia chief's testimony on the hill yesterday? where are we now with the investigation into russia? david is going to join us and give us the bottom line next. >> but first this week in teching care of your health, we look at micro current facials, a staple of beauty magazines and a pricey procedure that some celebs swear by. cnn health writer has more. >> do you feel anything? >> i feel a little bit of a tingling. nothing painfu at all.
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5:51 am
worried him and warrant investigation. so after john brennan's testimony, where do we stand in terms of what the russia investigation means? what is the political impact of the brennan testimony? >> well, it clearly wasn't a good day for the trump white house on this story. you had a high ranking official giving voice for the first time publically to what he sounded the alarm on last summer. i don't think there was a ton surprising in theres in sense we know there is an ongoing investigation into the very things that he said were of concern. but i think what was most devastating perhaps is the lingering motion when he left office on january 20th that he still had seen intelligence about trump campaign related folks in contacts with russians that raised questions and substantial questions were raised in his mind that further investigation was needed. that's sort of where he left off the story. and that lingers out there as
5:52 am
this investigation continues. >> okay. so that leads us to naming a new fbi director who would then be spearheading part of this investigation. seems like it is going to take longer than what president trump had initially predicted. >> yeah. do you guys remember last week before he went away on the foreign trip we were hearing the aids were saying maybe we will have a name for you before he gets on the plane. we were trying to move through this quickly because of all the blow back from firing comey. he told reporters that joe liebermann was the leading contender and he was very, very close. that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. >> what happened with liebermann? >> it seems they are back to the drawing board. it's not clear why liebermann may not be in contention anymore. one theory is that the lawyer trump is hiring to take on some of this, you know, personal legal challenge for donald trump, outside counsel, not part of the white house counsel's
5:53 am
office is in the same work that liebermann did work for. i'm sure there is more back story we are going to learn as they put out more names. they paraded eight people out in front of the cameras for interviews for this top job. he points to liebermann. that doesn't seem to be happening and now they're back to the drawing board. i wonder if it's just hard to find anybody to fill this job right now because a lot of people don't want this right now because of the comey firing and the entire russia investigation in the hands of a special council hanging over it. >> maybe he thought he was going to be a layup and it's not going to be one. trump connected with the working man and women in this country, those who want higher ages, living check to check. these medicaid cuts, what is the chance he winds up biting into the muscle and bone of his base? >> without a doubt he will. they're proposed $800 billion
5:54 am
medicate cuts in ten years. you know this budget proposal is not going anywhere. even republicans on capitol hill were saying that yesterday. this is just the beginning of a negotiation. but it does show where president trump's priorities are. it's not just medicate, chris. i think there are several places in this budget. let's go agriculture. you know how big he won rural america. there are several places in this budget that are on the chopping block that go to the very heart of some of his core constituencies when you look at his total support now. >> last, david, i was doing an interview a short time ago, and i accidentally merged the words trump and russia, and i said trussia. do you feel this is a hashtag that could take off today? >> it certainly sounds like a potential viral moment for you. trussia, i don't know that it will stick. it could be one that has legs for the day, but not much beyond
5:55 am
that. >> i think it's catchy. >> i think you went the wrong way on the combo. it should have been rump. >> of course you do. of course you want to go that way. >> put it to the people. put it to the people. >> all right. i'll look forward to hearing from everyone. >> trussia or rump, what do you say? >> i think he just pulled the plug of his own satellite to get off the show. >> i know. he's very proper. the good stuff next. ancestry s it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. peobut they're different.ind it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we choose real ingredients like almonds, peanuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate. give kind a try. ♪
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tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. all right. today's good stuff, you know, it is hard when we have a disaster or terror attack in manchester to see anything good in the situation like that. but often when we see the worst in humanity, we do see the best. a grandmother being called a hero after helping dozens of kids stranded without their parents after that explosion. >> this big explosion just went off. i just shouted, everyone just make your way to the exit and on social media i said if you are missing children, i've got children there. >> she took it upon herself to round up as many kids as she could. people who lived near the arena
6:00 am
took to twitter offering foot and shelter under the #roomformanchesters. as families mourn, many are paying their respects with the message we stand together. yes, it is an unmitigated tragedy. it was terrible and wrong. but people do step up and try to do the right thing. >> time to send you now to cnn news room with john berman and poppy harlow. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> john berman here. >> we begin with breaking news on the terror attack in england killing 22 people including children and right now police are searching an address in manchester city. this new photo you see on the right-hand side of your screen shows where that police activity is going on. we are


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